Kitchen Cabinets: Custom vs. Off-The-Rack

To many homeowners, the kitchen is the crown jewel of their house. There are many reasons for this, starting with the fact that it is the room in your home that literally provides the fuel for your family. That’s why when planning and designing almost any remodeling job, the kitchen receives a lot of attention and time. From new flooring, to beautiful countertops, to brand new appliances, there are many areas that your Baltimore kitchen remodeler can help you improve and modernize. Another one of these vital areas is your old kitchen cabinets, which are a very popular item to replace.

When a homeowner decides to replace their kitchen cabinets with new ones, they will have many choices to make. Some of these include the type of material, color, size, and style of the cabinets. But before any of these choices can be made, there is another important decision that you as the homeowner must decide on with the help of your experienced contractor. That choice is whether to have your Baltimore kitchen remodeler install new custom kitchen cabinets or pre-fab cabinets from off-the-rack.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

To put it simply, choosing to go with custom kitchen cabinets in your home means you can get EXACTLY what you want. Your Baltimore kitchen remodeler will design your cabinets to your exact specifications, and can even make other changes to your kitchen structure to add cabinets where they never were before. You will also be able to choose between many different materials, with wood options such as cherry, pine, oak, maple, mahogany, and many more. You could also go with a different material like laminate or stainless steel if that suits your design tastes. And all of those choices mean an endless amount of color options that will allow you to incorporate your custom kitchen cabinets into your dream kitchen redesign, or just replace them and have them fit your existing kitchen style. Really, the only negative about custom kitchen cabinets is that they are the more expensive of the two options, though your Baltimore kitchen remodeler should be able to work with you to find a material that fits your budget.

Off-The-Rack Kitchen Cabinets

If you are trying to remodel your kitchen on a budget, off-the-rack kitchen cabinets (also known as pre-fab kitchen cabinets) might be the perfect option for you. And while you may be limited because of the fact that these cabinets are not built specifically for your home, pre-fab kitchen cabinets still come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Your contractor will travel to your home, take measurements, and help you pick out off-the-rack cabinets that will fit your needs and desires. They will then purchase and install these cabinets in your home. So why would a homeowner choose to go with pre-fab cabinets over custom kitchen cabinets? The main reason is that they are less costly. You also may be able to have them installed sooner, as they do not have to be built from scratch.

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