5 Questions a Homeowner Should Ask Before Hiring a Baltimore Remodeling Contractor

Nowadays, more and more homeowners are making the smart choice to remodel their homes as opposed to moving to a new house in a new neighborhood. This saves a ton of costs and trouble, keeps you in a place you feel comfortable, and allows you to get exactly the design and style you want in your home. And out of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is by far the most popular room to have revamped. From new flooring, to sparkling countertops, to brand new appliances, the choices are endless. But before you hire a Kitchen and Bath contractor to design and implement all of these changes, there are some very important questions that you should ask.

Here are 5 vital questions any homeowner should ask before deciding on their contractor:

1. Have you done this type of work in the past? More than anything, it is always good to know that the Baltimore remodeling contractor you hire for your job has significant experience handling similar projects. Just because they are great at installing a new roof doesn’t mean they are the best option for your new countertops. Just because they can lay a new driveway doesn’t mean they can lay your brand new wood floors. That’s why you need to ask if they have done similar work in the past. You may want to take a look at some before and after photos from previous jobs like yours, or possibly even see if they have a reference for you to call.

2. Are you licensed and insured? This is a question that you can ask right over the phone when you first contact a perspective contractor for a free estimate. These are simple questions that should both be answered with a simple “yes.” If they are not, you should just move on to another remodeling contractor. For insurance, make sure that they have liability and workman’s compensation. Also, be sure that if they are using sub-contractors on your job, that the subs are insured as well. If they are not, you could end up liable if one of them gets hurt on your property.

3. Who will be on my job site on a daily basis? The answer to this will probably depend on the size of your job and the size of the company that you hire. But what really matters is that the contractor has a plan. You may want to ask them to approximate how many employees will be there each day. You might also want to ask if there will be a supervisor present. In many cases, it is fine for a supervisor to not spend the entire day at your jobsite. Normally, they just need to stop by periodically to make sure things are going according to plan. But as the homeowner, it is always good to know these plans up front.

4. Who do I contact if things go wrong or I have a question? This goes hand-in-hand with the previous question. Again, it is not necessary for a supervisor to be at your home at all times. However, it is vital that you know who the supervisor is and how you can contact them in case there are any issues on your project. You should also be sure that you can call the supervisor whenever you have any questions that you need answered.

5. When will you start and complete my job? Getting this information before singing any contract with a Baltimore remodeling contractor is definitely important. However, you must remember that a reputable contractor will try their best to meet these dates, but that there are certain events that your contractor can’t control that could push these dates back a bit. Things such as backups at the permitting office or incorrect shipments from distributors are always possible. But if you hire a great contractor, they will do all they can to minimize any delays these issues may cause on your project.

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